The Putnam Museum is, without question, one of the jewels of the Quad Cities. As their website states, after 150 years, the Putman "continues to thrive, offering unique, immersive, hands-on learning experiences to 150,000 visitors annually, including 35,000 school children each year."

As part of their 150th anniversary celebration this year, they are planning "to celebrate the six generations that have sustained and grown the Putnam into our region's most visited cultural institution."

One of the ways they are doing that is capturing photos of Quad Citians, and items of meaning to them, for display in the museum through the eyes of photographer Tom Styrkowicz.

Being folks who never shy away from a camera, Jeff, Joni and I ventured over to the Putnam yesterday to have our photo taken. I brought an old Crown ribbon microphone used back in the 1940's at the first radio station I worked at. Jeff says his meaningful vintage item was me. (I think he might be eating lunch alone on Tuesdays now. *wink*)

The photo shoot at the Putnam takes place this weekend, April 21-22 between the hours of Noon and 3pm.

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