I'm always proud when my hometown is featured for its uniqueness. This time it's for a delicious subject.

Tonight, at 8 p.m., Lagomarcino's, a Quad-Cities ice cream, candy shop and lunch counter since 1908, will be featured on Retro Eats, part of the Cooking Channel . According to a Dispatch/Argus news article, the show highlights Lagomarcino's hot fudge, sponge candy and multi-generational history. Retro Eats first aired on the Travel Channel on Dec. 30, 2017.

Lago's is no stranger to national attention.  Lagomarcino’s ice cream is also featured on cosmopolitan.com for the Most Delicious Mouth-Watering Ice Cream Sundae for the State of Iowa. The Quad-Cities Special, sundae resembling a Mississippi river boat, was chosen as Iowa’s Best Sundae.

And of course there was a pretty famous couple who stopped by to enjoy a sundae during a political stop back in 2012. The Lagomarcino family and customers still talk about the time the Obamas stopped by.

Word must travel fast about how good the chocolate is at the confectionery!

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