Parents and students in the Quad Cities will soon have a new tool to help them anonymously report concerns of student safety and student wellness. It's the P3 Campus app. Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities partnered with both Illinois and Iowa law enforcement and Illinois and Iowa school districts to make this app available to every student k-12 in the area.

While apps like P3 Campus were put together to prevent school violence through anonymous reporting, these apps do much more. For example, last year in Colorado where the P3 Campus app is being used, 64% of the reports submitted by students were of non criminal concerns. The top 3 common reports: suicide threats, bullying and drugs on campus.

I think this is great. Students know things that adults don't. And sometimes it can be intimidating or embarrassing to bring a concern to a teacher or administrator. Especially if it turns out to be unfounded; or the student raising the concern is afraid his or her identity will be revealed.

The P3 Campus app can be used to report almost anything. An abusive relationship. Planned school violence. Depression. Drugs/alcohol abuse. Suicide threat. Theft. Child abuse. Weapons on campus. It not only makes school safer for everyone, it might change some students lives. It might save a student's life.

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