A fire destroyed Butch Bos's home, possessions, and sound gear two weeks ago. Fortunately he and his wife weren't home at the time. Now that Butch has had some time to reflect he knows everything can be replaced except photos, keepsakes and his signature custom made Western shirts.

If you've ever seen Butch setting up for a show at local festivals, bars and school band and theatre performances chances are he was wearing a button down shirt with his company name, Bos Electronics embroidered on the front. Butch's mother made those shirts. Except for the one he was wearing when the fire hit, all of his shirts are gone.

Bos says his phone rang constantly with friends and musicians checking in to see if needed a place to stay, money or music gear. He declined most of the offers. According to the Quad-City Times, Bos said, "I'm not rich, but I'm in a position where I can get through this without help. It's a mess, but we're getting through it."

Bos continues to work and says it helps to stay busy while he rebuilds his home and his life. He wants everyone to know you'll still be able to spot him around town like usual. This weekend he'll be doing sound for Tug Fest and the final concert for the Bettendorf Public Library's summer series tonight at 6:30 at Faye's Field.

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