For centuries, art is how humans have passed on stories of our experiences. Art is an impactful way to communicate the emotions associated with the lessons we have learned.

For some, art is not always easy to access. Many suffer visual, aural, or physical challenges that prevent them from experiencing musical or theatrical exhibitions.

Quad City Music Guild in Moline is one local organization that has worked to overcome the challenges facing visually impaired patrons with their Audio Description Service (ADS).

As described on Music Guild's Facebook page, "Audio Description provides narration of the visual elements-action, costumes, settings and the like-of theatre, television/film, museum exhibitions, and other events. The technique allows low vision and blind patrons the opportunity to experience arts more completely - the visual is made aural.

"The special evening begins with a 'Sensory Seminar', held one hour prior to the theatre opening its doors to the public. Visually impaired patrons are allowed to feel props, costumes and set pieces in order to give them a better understanding of a characters body type and personality, the spacial relationship of the set and the time period of the production. Then the show begins and the listener is treated to all the color, humor, beauty and action the live theatre has to offer."

The Audio Description Service is also offered to theater-goers at The Adler Theatre, Circa 21 Dinner Theatre, and Richmond Hill Players in Geneseo.

Music Guild is seeking volunteers to help provide the Audio Description Service. Those interested in doing so can learn more here. You can contact Music Guild to volunteer at, or by phone at 309-762-3310.


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