We are seeing all over the internet that people are buying things out of stock, due to hording, but there some things that apparently no one wants.

Surprisingly hot dogs are not seeing any rise in purchases. which is strange to me. It seems like these would last a while, but apparently no one wanted them. At least no more than usual. Now I feel weird cause that was the first thing I bought.

Lets do a more obvious one. Ranch dressing is also not seeing any spikes, and you can still find it at a lot of stores. Not sure it really counts as a meal, but hey crazy times calls for crazy measures.

Vegetables in general can also be seen a lot more compared to it's counterpart fruit which is seeing a rise in buys. Weird cause I always though things like carrots lasted longer than strawberries or bananas.

And finally, one I still can't believe... while still fully believing. Corona beer seriously is being left on shelves due to the negative word association. The other two I guess make sense, and arn't really taking any losses, just no spikes in buying. Poor Corona though. A heavy loss.

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