When I was a kid, I dreaded going to the barber shop, because my step-dad forced me to get buzz cuts. As a result, when I was in my 20's and 30's, I fussed over my hair... a lot. Genetics finally caught up to me in my late 30's, and once I hit 40, I decided the battle was lost and began buzz cutting my hair. Oh, the irony.

The early onset of male pattern baldness in me, and many other men, is the result of increased testosterone levels (grunt, grunt), but, according to a report in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, Canadian researchers now say it could also be a sign of increased risk for prostate cancer.

In their studies, men who showed hair loss of 75% or more by age 30 stood odds three times greater than normal for getting prostate cancer.

All men should be getting checked for prostate cancer regularly, but this newly released information suggest balding men should be extra vigilant.


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