Happy Valentines Day Quad Cities. The best way to spend a special day with the love of your life is at a spot with some delicious food. Thankfully many spots in our area have great food.

There are so many amazing restaurants in the Quad Cities, so if we missed one let us know on our App.

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This list is created based on personal knowledge, and based on lists of other restaurants, so we may have missed a few.

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Great Restaurants To Try In The Quad Cities

Cafe D'Marie

This spot is considered one of the best in America. Needless to say it's pretty popular... though it is a bit reported to be a bit slow. Other than that it is great. You can learn more about this amazing spot here,

If you are looking for the top spot, look to Davenport's Cafe D'Marie landing at number 36 overall on the top 100 list.


LoPiez is located next to Ruby's at 429 E 3rd St Suite #1 in Davenport. It just ranked number one on a local ranking list of the best pizza places in the Quad Cities. You can see more here.

LoPiez has another location at 2832 Brady St and at 1405 5th Ave, Moline, IL. The 3rd St. location has 76 reviews and 4 stars on Yelp.


Best Restaurants According To Yelp

You can also see a ranking of these amazing restaurants on Yelp.

  • Duck City Bistro
  • The Break Room
  • Barrel House
  • Me & Billy
  • Cafe d' Marie
  • BREW In The Village
  • Front Street Pub & Eatery
  • Monarch Kitchen & Bar
  • The Kitchen Brigade

You can learn more here.

Most Romantic Restaurants

Now let's see the romantic restaurants here in the Quad Cities. You can see that list here.

  • Johnny's Italian Steakhouse
  • Ruthie's Steaks and Seafood
  • The Half Nelson
  • Monarch
  • Fifth Avenue Syndicate
  • Hemisphere Bistro
  • Steventon's
  • Up Skybar & Lounge
  • Combine

New Restaurants

Some new spots are as follows,

  • El Compita Mexican Restaurant
  • D'Lua
  • Flip's Pancake House

You can see a list of new spots in the QC here.

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Hopefully one of these spots will be just right for you.

The 20 Best Meals In The Quad Cities

Are you one of those people who know they want something to eat, but don't know exactly WHAT you want to eat? You know you don't want to stay home and cook, and you know you want to go out to a restaurant, but maybe you don't know exactly what you're craving. Where does one find good food in the Quad Cities?

WORRY NO MORE! We are here to help!

We asked a question on our Facebook page "What is the best meal in the Quad Cities" and many people shared their favorite restaurants and dishes in the comments. We have put together a list of the 20 Best Meals in the Quad Cities so that you can get out and try something new!

These restaurants are a place of good times, great food, and reasonable prices!

Check out all the restaurant's websites by clicking on the green wording!
Have fun scrolling!

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