If you've ever moved your family halfway across the country you know how difficult moving can be. Well after a long couple of months the Creighton's are finally in the Quad Cities. Jose from Wheaton Van Lines supervised our move. He supervised the packers, got it loaded on his truck and today got all of our stuff unloaded.

Now comes the fun part. If you pack your own stuff you only have yourself to blame if you can't figure out what's in the box. If you have the movers do it, well, welcome to "guess what's in this box." We've barely started unpacking and I found our tool box at the bottom of a box under a variety of photo albums and binders. My wife Kathy found some cook books under some sheets and towels. I'm not complaining though, most of the boxes got labeled and they packed an entire home in an afternoon. It would have taken Kathy and I much longer to DIY it. Tonight's project is putting together a new TV stand and running boxes to the dumpster.

Before I go I have a quick story that relates to the picture. Our new TV stand showed up at the very end of the move. Fed Ex ground was delivering it. Well one of the young men helping Jose unload the moving truck grabbed the eighty eight pound TV stand and carried it in like it was nothing. Trailing behind him was the Fed Ex ground guy who told me it was his easiest delivery of the day!


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