According to two moms at Rock Island High School are encouraging kids to anonymously report friends who they think might be suicidal or have other problems like being in abusive relationship, dealing with eating disorder or even being homeless.

When I was in high school a friend confided that another buddy of mine might have been suicidal to our guidance councilor. The councilor then talked to each of us who was close to him, and then spoke to him about his problem, and all turned out well. It's was a gutsy thing my friend did confiding in the councilor about our buddy. It wasn't really confidential, especially in our circle of friends. That's something that might stop someone from confiding in a person who can help. Lack of confidentiality. Having the friend you know is having trouble get mad at you.

According to Marji Boeye and Inga Harty, two moms, installed a "Break A Secret" box in the Rock Island High School library where students can anonymously report another student who may be in trouble. Hopefully the students will use it, and lives will be saved or made batter.

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