If you want Dunkin' Donuts sweet treats or coffee in Rock Island, these days you have to head to Moline, Davenport or Silvis for your fix, but that's about to change according to our content share partner Local 4 News. Dunkin' Donuts is returning to the Rock Island neighborhood it left in 1999. The new shop will be located at 2711 18th Avenue, which is really only two or three blocks from where they originally were located. (Dunkin' Donuts original location was located where Dr. Gyro's is located today!)

There's a ground breaking ceremony for the new store planned for June 19th at 9:30AM CT. There's no word on whether those in attendance will be able to sip Dunkin's famous coffee, or their delicious donuts. I hope so. Dunkin' coffee paired up with one of their glazed donuts sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the chain's return to Rock Island.


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