I've said it once and I'll say it again. I hate scam phone calls. I try to keep up to date with what's going on, not only in the Quad Cities when it comes to scams, but also in the Midwest in general. Scam phone calls usually target older people trying to scare and threaten them into giving out private information, or even giving the scammers money. I always want to keep my family updated.

They try to scare you and make you panic. These people are cruel, but these scammers are also dummies that tend to follow a script. I had a great time messing with one.

Today, a scammer tried to call into the B100 request line. (It seems as though even radio station's numbers are ending up on their call lists.) The call starts with a threating message about the IRS and jail time. It then tells you to press 1.

I talked to the guy for about 3 minutes giving a fake name "Jeremy Trueman" and just tried to waste his time and keep him from calling someone else. I also wanted to make sure we could write down his number to report him.

Here is that call:

It is important to check in with older family members and warn them about these calls. As you can see they are very threatening, and sometimes scary. Scam calls are right here in the QC, and clearly they will target anyone.

Hopefully they call back so I can say my name is "JOB" so it lines up with their last name. Wasting scammers time in the QC would be a fun series.

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