The Quad Cities is a great place. A bit colorful from time to time, but overall a great place. Our Radio Station is located in Davenport. 1229 Brady street. If you know the area you also know there is a large cast of people who walk around their area... Well, yesterday I saw a guy outside the studio window.

What's weird is that he wanted my attention. He definitely wanted to show me what he was holding.


Obviously what he had wasn't the worst thing ever otherwise I wouldn't write this story, but it was still a weird sight to see this guy proudly walking down the street with his Marvel-themed planting pot.

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If you know Marvel You know a character named "Groot" in fact that's all the character can say. "I am Groot." He is voiced by Van Diesel, and first appeared in the 2014 movie 'Guardians of the Galaxy' He is also a tree, so it makes sense that there are pots themed after him, and this guy grew... Well, pot in this pot.


That's right, a man came up to a radio window, knocked on it, and then proudly showed off his weed plant. I have no idea who he was, or where he was taking it, but boy was he happy to show it off. Hopefully, he got to his destination safely.

Also please don't show me your illegal plants, I don't want to be involved with your cool illegal Marvel plants. Thank you.

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