Without talking politics, I think we all can agree it feels a bit nerve wracking to see photos of National Guard Troops from all over the nation currently stationed at the Capitol in Washington D.C. ahead of next week's inauguration.

When I saw photos of the troops sleeping on the floor there, I immediately wondered what I could do to show them my gratitude. Can't we get them cots to sleep in or show them some love somehow?

According to the National Guard Bureau via Military Times:

“While we appreciate the many offers and people who care about our soldiers and airmen, we are not logistically able to accept donations of any kind,” reads a release. “...thank you for caring about your citizen-soldiers and airmen.”

This rule though, doesn’t seem to apply to food- including pizza.

It might not be much, but it turns out we can send those troops some love in the form of pizza.  We, The Pizza (great name, isn't it?) a pizza joint in Washington D.C.set up a way for people to donate pies online to the National Guard, at the price of $12 a pie. So far, 1000 pizzas have been sent and 300 more will be sent per day while the troops are at the Capitol.

Go here and then you will be able to choose which donation you would like to make.
Isn't this great? It's small, but it's a great way to show we're thinking of them.

We, The Pizza is also teaming up with other local restaurants to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner so the troops have a variety of delicious food. They're teaming up with Good Stuff Eatery, PLNT Burger, Maketto, Breadsoda, CHIKO, RASA, Pizzeria Paradiso, RIS, Sticky Fingers Eats & Sweets, Cane, The Duck and The Peach, and District Doughnuts to provide meals for our troops stationed in DC. 

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