The Illinois Department of Transportation shared an article from Desert News Utah on their Facebook page talking about how a bill allowing cyclists to treat a red light like a stop sign and a stop sign like a yield sign failed in the Utah Senate.

The IDOT post says many states are considering what's called "The Idaho Stop" and want to know what their Facebook followers think:


According to the newspaper part of the reason the bill failed was "liability, reckless cyclists, drivers not being aware and the bill's application only to people who are 16 and older."
Between drivers not paying attention to the road, cyclists who assume drivers know what an "Idaho Stop" is, and the law only applying to people 16 and up I can see why Utah didn't pass it. I also can see why similar laws might have trouble passing in other states as well.
At the time I'm writing this, it doesn't seem like the feedback IDOT is getting on the post favors giving cyclists any breaks:

What do you think?

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