The law is simple. The left lane is for passing. If you're not passing a vehicle or moving over and slowing down for a stopped emergency vehicle you're not supposed to drive in the left lane. If you do, the Illinois State Police is going to make you pay.

Left lane driving sometimes just happens. Like when the guy behind you in the left lane doesn't think you're going fast enough and passes you on the right... even though you're already going 15 over the limit trying to pass that truck that's a few car lengths ahead of you. Or it seems by the time you get back into the right lane, you'll be there for a minute before you have to move back left to pass another truck or a late model Saturn being driven 50 miles per hour by a blue hair out for a Sunday Drive. I get that.

What I don't get are the people who aren't passing and slow everything down while driving in the left lane. They're who need to get the tickets in my opinion.

The good news, the Illinois State Police has decided to crack down on left lane driving. This according to an article from They're going to be using covert vehicles to crack down on left lane driving. The covert vehicles will be used to catch both commercial and passenger vehicle drivers who violate the law by driving in the left lane.

The Illinois State Police will also be upping enforcement of what they call the "Fatal Four" violations in 2019. These are: driving under the influence, distracted driving, speeding and not wearing your seat belt.

The moral of the story: Slow down. Wear your seat belt. Grab an Uber if you've been boozin. Put the cell phone away while driving. And stay out of the left lane when you're not passing.

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