Illinois State Police Facebook's page proclaims "if you’re wanting to become an Illinois State Trooper, now is the time." The post ends with several police car emojis and shares a twitter message from the Illinois State Police that quotes from Governor Prtizker's FY20 address:

here. You can watch the Illinois State Police recruitment video

The Illinois State Police are currently recruiting for  Cadet Class 130 which is scheduled to start in October 2019. To be accepted the Illinois State Police Merit Board needs to have your application submitted by April 30. Those details are available here.

I've had an opportunity to watch police officers do their job and train. While it's not a career for everyone. It can be very satisfying for those folks who want to serve their community, help people, and make a good living. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's something I couldn't do today at my age. However, if I had explored the job earlier in my life, it might have been my career.

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