If you can sing like a pirate you can get paid! Opera Quad Cities posted on Facebook that they're looking for basses and tenors to fill Pirate roles in their upcoming production of "The Pirates of Penzance".

At one point in my life I fancied myself a thespian. I did a couple of high school plays, and was even a company member of a theater group called Argyle Gargoyle Productions in Chicago. I, however, did not do musicals. I'm not a very good singer. I have a hard time finding the correct pitch. I mean that's why I got into radio. To be a rock star without having to sing.

Anyway I know many folks who loved performing in musicals. Even if they were just in the chorus. If that's you, perhaps this is your role. If you're interested Opera Quad Cities asks that you contact director Michelle Crouch at 309-794-7239 or email michellecrouch@augustana.edu.

Rehearsals begin May 20 with performances on June 14 and 16. And yes, it is a paid chorus position.

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