Snowmageddon? Nah, it's just winter in the Quad Cities. Maybe it's just me, but it seems these days we make more out of winter weather than it really is. Weather wise this week has stunk. I get it. Plenty of snow and some cold and windy conditions to go along with it. I got to drive back to the Quad Cities late Tuesday night after heading out of town for the evening, that was a rough drive back in on Interstate 88. Walking J.J. "The Chill Hound," the chillest Greyhound you'll ever meet, has been a challenge too. He'd rather not go out in the snow and cold. Greyhounds don't have much fur, so he'd prefer to stay on the couch in his jam jams.

I think I know why though we approach more winter weather like snowmageddon: It's because we're all connected all the time. We can get a weather forecast from our favorite Quad Cities meteorologist anytime we want. I can get updates pushed right to my phone. Craig, Tami and I will be on the radio commiserating about how rough the commute might be tonight or tomorrow morning or telling you to go to this blog to get everything you need to know about Davenport's latest snow emergency. Heck I got a robo call and a text about the latest snow emergency at 6am yesterday morning. It woke me up.

A snow emergency isn't really an emergency at all. t's just what they call it. All Davenport really wants us to do in a snow emergency is get our cars off the snow routes so they can plow so getting around is a little the next day.

Think about the era before Facebook. Before the internet. Before being so connected. Before having the latest information at our finger tips. We'd tune in to the 10 O'Clock news, get the latest on the weather and any closing information, and call it a night. Then the next morning wake up with Spike O'Dell and see if we had school or not. Being connected can be good, but it also allows us to get all hyped up about things like a Snowmageddon, that really is just a typical winter weather system.

What do you think? Does being connected 24-7 create an environment where we build more hype around something like the current snow storm we're getting, or not?

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