Our news partner WQAD TV is reporting today that Iowa Lawmakers are considering ending the law that requires a five cent deposit on cans and bottles. The law has been in effect since 1978 and was originally designed to curb litter on the states roadways.

As a Wisconsin native that never experienced the bottle deposit law prior to shopping in Iowa, it is something that annoys me to no end. When I lived in Omaha I always made sure to buy beer and soda on the Nebraska side of the Missouri. Now being on the other side of the state and living in Illinois, I again make sure to buy on that side of the Mississippi.

I get all excited when the local grocery offers my favorite soda at 5 six packs for $10. Adding the extra $1.50 that comes with buying it in Iowa ruins the good deal.

Oh, you say, just take the cans and bottles back. Far too lazy for that. So this is one law I am cheering for the repeal.

Your thoughts?


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