It's no secret that Iowa fans are not happy with the University of Iowa Hawkeyes' performance so far in this 2022 season.

After a solid year last year, Iowa fans were excited for the Hawks to take the field again, but this year has only brought shockingly poor offensive performance. Iowa currently sits at 127 of the 131 FBS teams when it comes to passing offense (100.5 yards per game). They're ranked 131st in scoring offense, and starting quarterback Spencer Petras is sitting at 120 of 122 quarterbacks in passing efficiency.

Well, many Iowa fans have the feeling that the problem isn't so much with the offense, but with the offensive coach, Brian Ferentz, son of head coach Kirk Ferentz.

With the popularity of Cameo, many fans have gone to the platform to get favorite coaches to record a short shoutout video for their loved ones. Iowa Basketball's Fran McCaffery and legendary Oklahoma head coach and former Iowa assistant coach Bob Stoops are two popular coaches on the platform.

Videos surfaced of Fran and Bob's newest Cameo videos directed toward someone's loved one, just named "Brian."

"The best advice is to break free from the family business," Bob Stoops said.

"Hello there, Brian, Bob Stoops here saying hi," Stoops said. "Listen, I know you've had a tough couple of two, three years there, but the good news is your family still supports you, buddy, especially your dad. He wants you to know that. Even though everybody seems to be against you sometimes, the best advice is to break free from the family business, man, go do what you got to do. Anyhow, all the best to ya, and a big Boomer Sooner and good luck."

The same guy who hired Stoops to film the video also managed to dupe Fran shortly after, with Fran's message.

"Hey, Brian, Fran McCaffery here," McCaffery said in his Cameo. "I wanted to reach out to let you know that all of us in the Hawkeye family are thinking about you. Your family loves you. Your dad loves you. The Hawkeyes love you. You may be thinking about making a move back to New England, but wherever you go, wherever you are, the Hawkeye family will always be with you. Go Hawks."


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