The Iowa State Cyclones and Northern Iowa Panthers are both seeing something rare for the teams this year. One is much better than the other, but both haven't happened for at least 10 years.

The start of the season has been high for the Cyclones, but sadly it's been a low fort the panthers.

The Strange 2022 season

This season while young has already seen some major highs, and lows. For some schools, there are a lot of wins... others not so much.

Iowa State

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Getty Images

Iowa State is 3-0 for the first time since 2012. It's been a whole 10 years since the Cyclones have seen this explosive of a start. The team is looking really great this year. The Des Moines Register stated,

It’s obvious that passing is becoming the offensive identity, and it's apparent there’s pretty good depth in the running backs room.

It's clear that a lot of people are excited for State this year. Iowa states next home game is this weekend. It's a home game against Baylor.

Northern Iowa 

Credit: David Purdy
Credit: David Purdy

For UNI the news is a lot less fun.

Northern Iowa football has started the season 0-3 for the first time since 1969. That's a lot more than 10 years. Many have looked at the defense when it's come to these losses with Eliot Clough saying in his article,

In what's been a common sentiment at the beginning of this 2022 season, it's largely due to -- or lack thereof -- the Panther defense. Behind a barrage of missed tackles, the Hornets achieved first down after first down, and score after score. Particularly in the first half.

Many fans are hoping to see a win on September 24th when the Panthers take on Western Illinois.


Hey, how about those Hawkeyes?! After their rough first win, and then defeat against the Cyclones, the offense has been the main focus for the team as they played a VERY late game last weekend and took home the W. No crazy 30-year streak broken for this team yet.

As Iowans, it's easy to let rivalries get the best of us, but at the end of the day, I hope to see all three teams end with some great wins and even greater stories. Let's go Cyclones, Hawkeyes, and Panthers!

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