Logically the headline of this doesn't make sense.  If counties and towns south of the Quad Cities are under a frost advisory, then you'd think that we would see frost here as well.  Not according to the National Weather Service.

The Frost advisory is from 1am-8am Wednesday and stretches from eastern Nebraska, all the way through Iowa and into Western Iowa.  Then south, yes south, into Missouri and a bit of Kansas.

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Here in the Quad Cities we'll be close with low temps tonight reaching 35 degrees.  So if you are nervous about any spring blooms or freshly planted veggies something to cover them wouldn't be a bad idea.  But if you are south of the Quad Cities, take steps now to protect plants from the cold.


For the rest of the week, expect things to look a lot like today.  Some clouds and 55 degrees for a high temp all the way through the weekend.  But just because this is the forecast now, don't think we are out of the woods yet when it comes to anther frost.  According to the almanac, the probability based on history of another frost is still there.  April 29 is when they say we'll be safer from the plant killing temps.

All you have to do is look at the record low temp graphic below from the National Weather Service to know, the frost (or even freeze) may not be done with us yet.  April's record low was 7 in 1982.  In fact, every day in April has had at some point a record low below freezing.

National Weather Service

Don't put the blankets away just yet.


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