Speed cameras on the Interstate. What do you think of that? My first thought is drivers that are speeding slamming on the breaks to slow down before getting caught by the speed camera and the potential accidents it could cause. Of course that's just what my imagination came up with. We might find out what really will happen with speed cameras if LeClaire installs them on their stretch of Interstate 80.

The Quad City Times says LeClaire city officials are discussing implementing speed cameras to assist their police force in enforcing speed limits in areas that see frequent speeders. That includes the part of Interstate 80 that runs through the City. Police Chief Shane Themas told the times:

"The discussion started with us looking for effective, efficient new ways to conduct traffic enforcement. "

LeClaire's Police Department told the Times that they regularly receive complaints about speeders along I-80, especially near the bridge where traffic is merging. The cameras are an attractive option for the City for traffic control because their automated. A vendor handles everything including issuing tickets and collecting fines. And it doesn't require more manpower from LeClaire's Police Department.

I'm sure the potential money in fines LeClaire and their traffic cam vendor can make from speeders on the Interstate isn't a factor at all. I'm going to see who the traffic cam vendor is. I want to invest and get part of the windfall of cash coming their way if the cams go up on I-80.

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