I've had some pretty great summers in my adult life, but I've never had a summer better than when I was a kid.

Long, sunny days spent with friends playing games, or reading comic books with a bottle of soda, a bag of penny candy, and the radio on in the background. I can remember every detail, every smell, every taste.

Every summer began with that last day of school. I remember looking forward to the last day, but then being sad when it came because I knew there were many classmates I wouldn't see until September.

Quad Cities students will start experiencing their own endless summers this week.

  • Pleasant Valley School District was the first to dismiss for summer yesterday.
  • Davenport Schools dismiss for the summer tomorrow, Thursday, June 1.
  • Rock Island-Milan and Bettendorf schools last day is Friday, June 2.
  • Moline-Coal Valley District Schools release for summer next Tuesday, June 6.

Enjoy the summer, kids. As you get older they go by faster and faster.


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