Sunday (or should it be sundae?!) is National Ice Cream Day. Let's celebrate by eating some of the sweet treat. But have you ever wondered what the most popular flavor in Iowa and Illinois is? It might surprise you.

At first I thought, how could I pick just one? When I was a kid I loved spumoni. Then it was rainbow sherbet and Neopolitan. Can you see the common thread here? I loved one scoop that contained more than one flavor. Two (or three) flavors for the price of one. Honestly, I didn't care about price, but I cared about variety.

I went through a chocolate chip phase, then it was praline pecan and of course there was always a chocolate malt. I ate way too many of those.

Anyway, I digress. If you've ever wondered what the most popular flavor Illinoisans choose, it's malt. I love my chocolate malts, but I wouldn't have guessed that's the most favorite flavor there. Maybe it's because Chicago based Walgreens used to serve malts and milkshakes at their food counters back in the day.

In Iowa, it's Bunny Tracks, that's a combination of vanilla ice cream, caramel, fudge swirls, chocolate-covered peanuts and peanut butter. Sounds delish, but it could be the favorite since Blue Bunny is also is based in Iowa.

You can find A Taste of Home's complete list of favorites by state here. In the meantime, keep eating ice cream. It helps you stay cool, right?

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