Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is the summer's hottest ticket and it's breaking records in Chicago.

B100 loved sending lucky local Swifties to go see Taylor's Eras Tour when it was in Chicago the first weekend in June. Seriously, making these ladies so happy with these tickets was a highlight of my summer. We sent Jessica from Clinton, Avree from Davenport, Kayle from Milan, and Emma from Aledo.

Taylor's tour has been selling out stadiums across the U.S., even filling up parking lots outside of them with fans eager to sing along.

Her stop in Chicago was the closest point for QCA Swifties to catch her tour and while she was there, at least one city-wide record was broken.

Eras Tour: Chicago

According to Choose Chicago, Taylor's stay in town plus the ASCO Annual Meeting and James Beard Awards last weekend set a new all-time record for total hotel rooms occupied.  

We can only imagine how much pink glitter hotel maids had to clean up.

And the big names aren't done with Chicago yet. NBC Chicago reports that Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, and more still have shows to play in Chicago, plus Lollapalooza and the first-ever NASCAR Chicago Street Race.

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