I recently saw an article in the Quad City Times about Frankie. Frankie is a therapy pig at Franklin Elementary School in Muscatine. Apologies to Frankie, this story isn't about him, but about the commitment teachers' have to their students.

The quote from the Quad City Times article that got me thinking about that was from the Special Education teacher responsible for the school getting Frankie, Tina Hepker. "I feel like I always need to meet their academic needs, social needs and emotional needs ... " Frankie helps students with those needs because the students are responsible for feeding, watering and picking up after him.

Think for a minute about your favorite teachers. Why did you like them? I think it's because they did more than teach your favorite subject. Mine did. My favorite teachers knew how to tap into my personality and help me grow in all the ways kids need to grow. Emotionally, socially and academically. They knew when to encourage, punish, push, back off, listen and advise.

With an emphasis on test scores, teacher accountability and academic success it's easy to forget teachers do so much more than teach us our A-B-Cs. Yet they do. Who was your favorite teacher and why? Tell me below.


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