A 12 year old boy brought a loaded .22 caliber handgun to North Scott Jr. High School and was disarmed by one of the teachers. While the headlines will talk about how the boy is being charged with attempted murder. I'm more interested in pointing out that a teacher may have saved someone's life today. Maybe many lives.

We don't give teachers nearly enough credit for the job they do. Teachers do much more than just teach kids. Teachers inspire kids. Teachers help keep kids safe. Teachers help kids find and build self esteem. Teachers show actions have consequences. Teachers help our kids find out who they really are and help them develop a personality. Those are just the things more or less related to learning.

Add in making sure kids do well on tests. Interacting with childrens' parents. Spending their own money on supplies. Giving up their own family time to do lesson plans and correct papers. Some even coach a team or moderate a student group. Simply there's a certain amount of sacrifice that comes with teaching that we don't think about often.

Then there are times teachers are asked to do more. Like this morning when one of them had to put her life on the line to potentially save others by disarming a twelve year old with a gun. No, we don't give teachers nearly enough credit.


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