I think I speak for many people when I say the Storm of August 10th, 2020 was 100% worse than we were expecting. This takes the joke about Iowa weather to a whole new level. With houses, businesses, parks, and so many other places affected and without power, people are feeling the stress.

My house is without power like many others. I stopped at my parents house to check on them. I saw they were doing fine, and with power thanks to a generator that was hooked up. With how unpredictable both Iowa and Illinois weather is, I figured a generator may be a good investment.

Odds are we won't be seeing a storm like this again for a long time, but most people experience a power outage at least once every year in the Midwest. It's one of those things we just accept, but sometimes the power goes out for a bit to long, much like with this storm, leading to a very stressful situation.

My family lives out in the country meaning they are not high priority when it comes to fixing the power, so if you find yourself in a location that isn't high priority, you may want to check out a generator.

They are a bit pricey ranging anywhere from $300 - $500 dollars, but they are portable meaning you could always lend it to friends and family who needs it when a storm hits in the Midwest. Making you a hero!

No matter what you decide make sure you stay safe out there QC!

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