Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, was a very strange and devastating weather day in the Quad Cities, Iowa, southern Minnesota, and western Illinois. Strong winds, severe thunderstorms, and tornados damaged property and left debris scattered. The Quad Cities didn't see too much damage, but we still had folks who woke up Thursday morning to find some property damaged.

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Mother Nature threw us a curveball on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021. The Quad Cities say a record high for December 15th and a record high for the entire month of December. The National Weather Service of the Quad Cities recorded 75° on Wednesday in Moline, IL.

While the oddly warm temperatures were enjoyable, Wednesday brought strong winds and at night, severe storms. Those storms included strong winds up to 80+ mph, rain, hail, and tornados in other parts of Iowa.

Luckily, the Quad Cities didn't see any tornadic activity, but some damage was done to property throughout the Quad Cities area. Listeners sent in photos and videos on our social media channels and apps showing what the strong winds and storms did overnight.

A truck driver lost his life on Highway 151 after his truck was blown over. The driver was not wearing his seat belt. That is the only known fatality from the winds and storm.

Take a look at photos listeners sent in from the storm Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Quad Cities December Storm Damage

On Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, the Quad Cities set an all-time record high of 75 degrees making that the warmest day on record in December in recorded history. That night into Thursday, December 16th, a massive storm producing tornados in parts of Iowa and strong winds reaching 80+ mph, passed through the Quad Cities causing damage and leaving debris everywhere.

QC Storm Damage

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