Netflix is known for having some of the best and worst movies on it's platform, and when it comes to horror movies Netflix truly has some of the best and flat out awful creations.

Today we will be taking a look at what Netflix originals have to offer.

Lets take a look at the best first.

The Platform (2019) Also Known as El hoyo

This is one of the best Netflix movies I've seen. While it isn't in English I truly felt something and understood it's meaning by the end. 8.5/10

A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. One only food platform and two minutes per day to feed from up to down. An endless nightmare trapped in The Hole.


1922 (2017)

I love movies with slow builds, and that's what this horror movie is. SLOW, many people are divided by this movie. You either love it, or hate it. I personally love it. 7.5/10

A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.


#Alive (2020) also known as #Saraitda

Another foreign film crushing it when it comes to horror. The zombie trope is a bit played out in my opinion, but they put a great twist on it! 7.5/10

The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation. It is his story.


Bird Box (2018)

One could argue that this was the movie that put Netflix horror on the map. When I first saw it I liked it, but do think it was over hyped. On second watch I found it less enjoyable. 7/10

Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a mother and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety.


The Ritual (2017)

A good movie, that may leave a few confused. I personally had fun with this movie, but the ending will leave some feeling sick. 7/10

A group of college friends reunite for a trip to the forest, but encounter a menacing presence in the woods that's stalking them.


Now time for the EH. 

The Babysitter (2017)

I liked it, but feel as though it may have been over hyped. Some of the acting was great! Others fell very short. This movie knew what it wanted to be, not so sure about it's sequel thought. 6.5/10

The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter.


In the Tall Grass (2019)

This movie is so close to being a great. I do like it, but could see a lot of people getting tired or confused by it. I was the only one in my group who kinda enjoyed this movie. 6/10

After hearing a young boy's cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out...and that something evil lurks within.

Time for the Bad.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

I didn't love the first one, but this move took everything I liked about the first one and crushed most of it, keeping the things I disliked the most from the first. No one feels real, but I'm sure some people will love this movie. 5.5/10

Two years after Cole survived a satanic blood cult, he's living another nightmare: high school. And the demons from his past? Still making his life hell.


The Open House (2018)

I really think they just had an idea, and started filming without a script, or ending planned. I felt upset after watching this, but not in a good way. 3/10

A teenager and his mother find themselves besieged by threatening forces when they move into a new house.


Romina (2018)

Very dark subject matter that doesn't feel worth it due to how weak the story is. Not fun just sad. Have you ever seen "I spit on your grave?" It's like that, but somehow worse. 1/10

A shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl from their school while camping in a remote spot.

Netflix has way more originals then just these, but I felt as though these were all note worth in one way or another. Have fun with these spooky films!

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