For many runners, professional and amateur alike, the Bix 7 is an incredible event to participate in right here in the Quad Cities. According the the QC Times, as of right now with diminishing COVID infection rates and increasing vaccinations, the Bix 7 will be back on Brady Street.

New safety protocols also are likely to be added,  with the current plan is to cap the in-person field of runners at 10,000, along with a virtual-race alternative.

As of Wednesday March 3rd, the plan is to space runners six feet apart for social distancing, and stagger the starts while requiring masks at the beginning and end of the race. They will space runners out by using the 48 feet of roadway width on Brady Street. They will also be split into groups that will set off from the starting line a few seconds apart.

Race director Michelle Juerhing stated

"The Bix is back on the streets of Davenport; I am so excited — so happy! Other race directors started coming together last February. Even though we compete with each other, we came together. I'm on industry-wide calls at 5 a.m. from Singapore. It's not just us. We all are learning."

If you are planning on running in person, Quad-City Times Bix 7 masks are available for $8 on the race website. Juehring went on to say,

 "For those not comfortable coming to Davenport, we'll still have the virtual race. If people aren't sure they're comfortable traveling, flying or staying in hotels, we'll be flexible about in-person versus virtual (participation), and people can change their plans as they like."

We are all excited to see how this works out. While many road races and marathons are being postponed until fall, Juehring said, at least one major race likely is to supply the Bix with some pointers this year.

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"I'm hopeful our race will be one that others learn from as well. As we get closer to the race date, we'll firm things up.

Race time is 8 a.m. Saturday, July 24. More information here. 

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