The upside to fireworks laws in Illinois, in theory, is they keep you from unnecessarily blowing off fingers. The downside, is they're not very fun.

Rhythm and Booms

That's a pretty popular name for fireworks shows across America. On the 4th of July, the skies will be colorful and loud with fireworks shows. Many communities offer some type of music that blends with the booms.

In Illinois, only the pros will get to provide the boom with the rhythm.

Fireworks Are Illegal in Illinois Unless You're a Professional

You might know the best thing from which to shoot a bottle rocket, but that doesn't make you a professional. The two million views of the video of you shooting one from your butt do not give you the experience to acquire the needed license and permit to work with actual fireworks.

Illinois Fireworks Law

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Fireworks like firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, and other more powerful fireworks that explode or fly into the air are generally prohibited if you don't have a license.

Violating fireworks laws can result in fines and other penalties. Many Illinois residents laugh at this law because it seems as if everybody is shooting off illegal fireworks in every neighborhood and nobody ever gets fined.


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Fireworks That Are Legal in Illinois


What fireworks we're left with once you take away everything that is illegal are pretty lame, unless you're a kindergartner. These are the ONLY legal 'fireworks' (but can you really call them that) in Illinois:

  • Sparklers
  • Snakes
  • Smoke bombs
  • Non-explosive and non-aerial devices

That last one would include all those big boxed novelty fireworks that look like they should be fun to watch, but basically, all they do is fill the air with awful-smelling smoke and scorch your driveway.

From Illinois Legal Aid, here's a link to the detailed fireworks law in Illinois.

Give the littles what they like, then get out to watch the licensed professionals blow up the 4th of July night sky. And, you get to keep all of the fingers you currently have.

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