Yesterday on Facebook I asked what your must have road trip snacks are. Below the Facebook post I've tallied up your responses and reached some conclusions.

You responded with a variety of your favorite road trip munchies and beverages. When it comes to drinks there were two clear almost obvious winners: Water and Coffee. Almost everyone is going to want something with caffeine to wake them up when starting on a road trip early in the morning. And well, water is water. I expected that.

I was surprised more drinks didn't make the list outside of water, coffee, Diet Pepsi and beer. By the way, a quick web search indicated you can't have an open container in your passenger compartment if you're in Iowa or Illinois (or most states for that matter.) Missouri from what I read was a little more lax. So... I hope the beer is for when you kick back at the hotel or camp site.

As far as munchies go, responses ran the gamut from "anything chocolate" to sunflower seeds and everything in-between. Responses were about even between sweets and snacks as well. Healthy items didn't seem to be all that popular either, even if you include sunflower seeds and beef jerky in the "healthy" group.

The clear winner when it came to road trip munchies was sweet and salty items that you could munch on for awhile that are generally easy to eat. The kind of items you could dip your hand in a bag over and over to eat, or perhaps pour out in a cup and reach for while you're driving: M&M's, sunflower seeds, chips, pretzels, grapes, Skittles.

So what's your favorite road trip snack or beverage? Join the conversation by commenting below or adding your comment to our Facebook post here.

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