Wedding season is in full effect! People are either getting married or engaged to be married. Every day on social media, we are always seeing people tie the knot or want to tie the knot. While getting married is a celebration of two people becoming one couple, getting married in some states is worst than getting married in others. Between wedding costs and divorce rates, some states seem pretty terrible for marriage.

A new study has come out showing the worst and best states for marriage. Luckily, Iowa and Illinois are pretty dang good states to get married.

A new study from our friends at Zippia has come out showing the worst and best states to get married in. To figure this out, Zippia ranked each state on 3 factors:

  • Average wedding cost
  • Divorce rate
  • Yearly rainfall in inches

First, they looked at the average wedding cost according to ValuePenguin. Trust me on this one, weddings ain't cheap. But if you can find ways to cut cost and have your dream wedding so you aren't paying off your wedding forever really helps.

After that, Zippia examined each state’s divorce rate. They looked at the most recent ACS Census to find the percent of ever-married couples who reported a divorce within the past year.

Finally, because people still play chicken with Mother Nature and get married outside, Zippia took into account annual rainfall in inches. Rain is allegedly good luck on your wedding day, unless your ceremony and/or reception is outside then it's awful luck.

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After looking through all of that data, this is how each state ranks on the worst states to get married in:

The top 10 worst states to get married in, according to Zippia, are:

  1. Georgia
  2. Louisiana
  3. Maryland
  4. Connecticut
  5. Alabama
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Hawaii
  8. Arkansas
  9. Virginia
  10. Delaware

How did Iowa and Illinois do? Not too shabby!

Iowa is the 4th best state to get married in, or the 47th worst state to get married in. Iowa's divorce rate is 7.1%. The average cost of a wedding in Iowa is $17,408. The average rainfall in Iowa ranges from 26 inches to 38 inches depending on where you are in the state.

Illinois didn't do too bad either. Illinois is the 14th best state or 37th worst state to get married in. Illinois' divorce rate is 6.6%. The average cost of a wedding in Illinois is $20,617. The average rainfall in Illinois ranges from 35 inches to 48 inches depending on where you are in the state.

Because this is about weddings, here is a moment for me to relive mine! Check out our wedding party dance and photos from my wedding back in September.

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