Apparently, there is a way to measure how redneck every town, city, and state is. A YouTube video from 2016 has recently gone viral for a second time and claims to have a list of the top 10 most redneck towns in Illinois. The video creator also had a list for Iowa, you can see that here.

Before we start, I think it's safe to say that these videos are made in good fun, and not meant to be an insult. I think he chose "rednecks" because he knew they would also find it funny, and not be offended by it.

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The video creator actually has a video for every state on his Youtube. That's 50 videos dedicated to "redneck" towns. Talk about dedication!

The List

10. Benton

Located along I-57. Fun fact there are 7 Walmarts within a 30-minute drive of Benton according to the video!

attachment-RS30018_WALMART EVANSVILLE (1)


9. Effingham

Another spot along I-57. South of Champaign Illinois.

8. Pontiac

While they rank 15th for most gun stores, they reportedly have 9 Dollar Trees in the area, which sounds awesome!

7. Jerseyville

Apparently, this is the best spot for bars, with one of the highest numbers for bars!

raw of bottles in a Bar

6. Amboy

A small town along Route 52. It is the 3rd highest spot per capita for gun stores.

5. Jacksonville

A bigger town on this list, it ranks 5th for fishing, but Lake Jacksonville has ranked number 1 for best fishing spots before. Sounds like a great spot to me!

Fly Fishing

4. Chester

A spot found along the Mississippi. According to the video, the graduation rate is 53%

3. Litchfield

South of Springfield, this spot has the second most Walmarts per capita. Also random fun fact from the video, there are five Golden Corrals in the area.

2. Palestine

Right on the state line, our number 2 spot is located along Route 1 and the video claims this spot is a great spot for any "redneck" looking for a perfect spot.

Source: Getty Stock, Stamnphoto
Source: Getty Stock, Stamnphoto

It is now time for the great honor of the number one spot! If there is a town on here that should be, let us know! 

1. Vandalia

They have some of the best fishing spots and have some of the most bars, and Walmarts. Plus the video reports that one in four people in the area doesn't graduate high school. The video also states that Gretchen Wilson is from Vandalia which is super cool!

The Video

The video is clearly a big joke with some statistics here and there, but overall it was fun hearing a place I spent a lot of time at making it onto the list!

Did your hometown make it onto this list? One of the towns I grew up in Iowa made it onto that list which I thought was awesome!

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