By now most of us have seen the new Facebook, or Twitter post saying that gas pumps are making people very sick, and that we should wear gloves and masks.

According to multiple sources from the UK , Today Health and, the CDC this killer bug isn't spreading ‘rapidly via petrol pumps', but drivers are always welcome to ‘wear gloves and should always wash hands’ to stay safe.

A string of hoax Twitter and WhatsApp messages, reportedly coming from NHS nurses, warned social media users that the killer virus was being contracted at fuel stations at a terrifying rate, But Public Health England has stepped in to dispel the myth. Confirming that petrol pumps are to be treated like any other surface harboring potentially dangerous germs.

Other experts also sate Gloves can serve as a layer of protection, but can still transmit the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, David Bazzo said, a clinical professor of family medicine at UC San Diego. In short. The gloves may be protecting you but also transmitting the virus.

It's always important to double check the things you read on Facebook, and other social media platforms. Some of it can just be some rumors spread due to panic.

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