How do you imagine the world's largest Starbucks? Personally, I think of that scene from Shrek 2, where Mongo the giant gingerbread man rips the huge fake coffee cup off the roof. To refresh your memory:

It may not be exactly like that, but we'll know for sure soon! The world's largest Starbucks is coming, and it'll only be a short drive from the Quad Cities. According to NBC Chicago, the coffee shop will open in Chicago on November 15th.

It's exciting to finally have a set date, considering the new shop was first announced back in 2017. It's set to be a 43,000-square-foot space on the Magnificent Mile, and will offer a new menu.

Two and a half hours might be a bit of a drive if you're thinking of going for your morning coffee, but it's a pretty easy (and cheap) weekend trip. Did we mention that they'll have fresh baked goods onsite?

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