The Cold war had to a lot of high tension over nukes and missiles for America and other countries. In fact, during the 1990s a map of every state was created and shared looking at the threat level of every town, city, and area in a state. The site goes on to state,

this page is the 1990 FEMA nuclear target map for Wisconsin. It was just a conceptual map about the nuclear threat. Even an all-out nuclear war - did not by any means mean that every site would be hit. For some states VERY FEW and POSSIBLY / PROBABLY NONE of the sites will be hit but others may have some very significant targets.

You can see the list of those locations here.

Obviously, America and many other countries put a lot of thought into nuclear warfare which has led to missile silos being created throughout the country. Not only that but plenty of other Missile silos were created around the USA as well. Today we will be looking at one of those sites. Over the years many of these sites have been abandoned.

This site truly stands out from other abandoned spots because you are actually welcome to visit.

Wisconsin road sign
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

About The Abandoned Missile Silo

Wisconsin had a few different sites all around the state. This one had multiple purposes but is no longer operational. You can actually visit this abandoned Cold War missile silo in Waukesha now. This spot was called the Nike Missile Base.

"Only in your state" goes on to say,

Hillcrest Park is tucked away among homes and apartment buildings now and isn't the easiest to find. For those going about their business on nearby Main Street, there's no real sign that just feet away there is a park full of recent history just waiting to be discovered.

Fallout Shelter Sign on Red Brick Wall

More About The Nike Missile Base

It is reported that this site in particular was in use from the 1950s to the 1970s. It was decommissioned in 1972. The land was somewhat recently given to the city of Waukesha after remediation cleanup.

Sources went on to state,

There were actual missile launching pads as well as ground radar equipment here meant to help protect the Midwest in the event the Russians began bombing America.

You can learn more here.

Before visiting it should be noted that the site is basically abandoned and lost to the passage of time and that any climbing on the tower is considered trespassing, but a trip to this park is still aloud.

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