It's always interesting to look at the best and worst things a state has, and a Youtube channel is going viral after it took a look at every state and the worst cities in each said state. This Youtube video didn't hold anything back with its rankings of the top ten worst cities in Illinois.

While the video is brutal the creator does keep it light-hearted, now let's see what cities and towns made it onto this list.

Last month we also took a look at Iowa, and you can see that video here. Now let's move our focus over to Illinois. It is also important to remember that while this video does use statistics the idea of "worst city" is still a bit subjective, especially in this video. So there is a chance that some cities may not be on this list, or one you like is on this list, it's still biased so if you disagree that is totally okay!

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The List

10. Danville

Located on I 74 it appears that this city struggles with many jobs leaving the area over the years. According to the video, it's also in the top 5 most dangerous parts of the state.

9. Salem

With high unemployment rates, and low home incomes this video put Salem Illinois in at number 9. It also apparently has a lot of meth labs according to the video.

8. Alton

Right off the Missouri state line. The video states that roughly 1 in 10 people in this city are victims of property crimes.

Emergency lights at night

7. West Frankfurt

The video is quick to mention that West Frankfurt Illinois has some of the worst schools, and home prices in the state, but on a high note, crime isn't as bad as some of the other spots on this list.

6. Litchfield

Down I 55 just south of Springfield. Again this city finds itself on the list for more sad reasons than dangerous reasons. Low income, and high unemployment. It's also considered very boring.

5. Cairo

One of Illinois must southern states, it appears that jobs are rare here, and the "good jobs" are quite a drive away according to the video. It sadly also has dealt with high poverty rates over the years. It also has the least amount of sunny days in the state.


4. Kankakee

It's reportedly one of the most dangerous states in the state and struggles with high unemployment rates. The schools have also seen issues with funding.

3. Benton

Another spot off of I 57, this spot is actually home to John Malkovich. Other than that this spot is known for its high unemployment, and high crime rates.

Poor homeless man or refugee sleeping on the wooden bench on the urban street in the city, social documentary concept, selective focus

2. Ford Heights

According to the video, this "city" is technically a village. The population has continued to struggle with growth over the years mostly seeing declining numbers. There are also high crime rates in the area.

Crime scene

And now it's time for the worst of the worst. Who has that great honor?

1. East St. Louis

This city has some of the lowest home values and the highest unemployment. The video reported that this city actually has the most crime in the state based on size.


The Video

You can watch a more in-depth look at each city in the video here:

Do you agree with this list? Let us know!

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