Many people only know Iowa as a farm or drive-through state. Many places in the Midwest are seen this way. And while they aren't wrong there is so much more to our states! At least I think there is.

A viral Youtube video took a look at maps and statistics to see if stereotypes about states are true... Turns out some are much more true than others.

Drinking In The Midwest

Almost every state in the Midwest is known for its drinking. Iowa and Wisconsin are debatably the most notorious. The drunkest counties in America are actually in Iowa and Wisconsin. 

The video looks at the number of bars in each state compared to grocery stores. Turns out there are more bars...

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Other Iowa stereotypes

One part of the map shows meth labs in America. Over the years parts of Iowa have been known for... well meth labs. The graph shows that it's actually much worse in many other areas. It looks like Missouri has us beat.

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These maps also look at the low diversity in Iowa, The highest paid public figures (allegedly it's a football coach) Nasty Google searches... Yikes, and much much more.

Obesity rates

Something the Midwest, and America as a whole is known for is being overweight. Sadly the maps in this video show the alarming truth behind these claims. We came in at number 12 when it came to the maps claim of "fastest countries" in the world.

My favorite Map

The funniest ones in my opinion are as follows,

The Walmart list: This one just showed how quickly Walmart took over America.

Size Comparisons: This one just randomly shows how big Alaska really is... you could fit the entire Midwest in it.

Happiest States: This one is a classic that many have covered before, I'm just glad Iowa is pretty happy!

In the end these maps show a lot of stuff you most likely already kinda knew or suspected, but it's great to see the data and science back up your guesses, and thoughts. Hey if you did learn something new now you know a fun fact to share with people!

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