It's time to get spooky. This legendary haunted restaurant is located in Schiller Park, Illinois, and has made headlines before.

"Only In Your State" went on to say,

With a history that involves gangsters, ghosts, and a “Great” family, it’s a place you just may want to experience for yourself.

Floating Ghost Evil Spirit Looking Over Her Shoulder in a Derelict Asylum Hospital
Paul Campbell

The Restaurant

The name of said haunted location is the Great Escape Restaurant, 9540 W. Irving Park Road, which is located in a suburb just outside the city limits next to O'Hare International Airport.

Something that is truly amazing is the history. It is reported that the eatery's banquet room and bar are still part of the original 1889 structure that stood on the property. In 1992 it became the "Great Escape" restaurant. So where do the ghosts show up?

The Haunted Restaurant

The three most popular ghost "sightings" are as follows.

  • A man in black, or black shadow
  • 1920s music being heard
  • A young boy running around

One report went on to say,

Employees of the restaurant have described seeing a man wearing a black suit and carrying a clipboard walk into a closet — only to never reappear. Workers have also reported the feeling that someone is right beside them when they are alone and encountering a cold spot in dark hallways.

It got so bad that at one point investigators and a psychic medium spent the night in the haunted diner with high-tech equipment to see what it could find. Thankfully the medium didn't sense any evil. See the restaurant here.

Fun Fact About The Restaurant

The restaurant was even a film location for silent movies.

The infamous Illinois mobster Al Capone even supplied the bar with alcohol and would even stop by sometimes.

You can see more here.

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