Many of us have different hobbies, some are stranger than others. Some are way more expensive than others as well. This Iowa family has spent the last year setting up one of their living rooms to be the perfect home for stingrays.

That's right this Iowa home houses 8 stingrays, and the owners may even start breeding them someday.


Starting A Sting Ray Tank

While this is a crazy hobby, the stingrays do look amazing. I asked the owners how much work it is, and they said it takes time and knowledge.

"You need to make sure you do everything right. These are beautiful creatures, that we want to keep happy, and healthy. Taking your time to learn before you jump into something like this is very important."

The owner's name is Jeremy, and he has worked with both fresh and saltwater fish for the last 10 years.

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The Stingrays

While it does look like a lot of work seeing how much fun Jeremy had feeding the stingrays, showing them, and just talking about fish in general really showed the passion and beauty behind these tanks.

Another really cool fact I learned is that these particular stingrays are freshwater.

Iowa Stingray Home

This home is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It holds two tanks, both around 300 gallons each. They both contain different types of stingrays. As for right now, this project is just for fun, though the owners do hope to someday breed these rays.

It's been about a 6-month process getting all the supplies, tanks, and stingrays.

Truly a unique, and interesting hobby. There is a lot to learn when it comes to owning a tank with any type of fish in it. My biggest takeaway from this house was to always do research before starting a hobby as in-depth as this.

Thank you to Jeremy for teaching more about these creatures, and fish in general.

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