It's that time of the year again when many of us get ready for Halloween by picking up some pumpkins. Even those who aren't a fan of the holiday can still enjoy the season and get a pumpkin or two.

If you live in Iowa and want to truly find the great pumpkin... you may want to head to the pumpkin capital of the state.

corn and pumpkin field

The Pumpkin Capital Of Iowa

This is a very random title to have, but one a town in Iowa has proudly held since 1993. In fact, it was made official in Iowa by the Iowa Legislature.


Anamosa Is The Pumpkin Capital of Iowa

Anamosa has a long rich history when it comes to Pumpkins, but a major part started in 1990 when the Anamosa Chamber of Commerce organized the Anamosa Pumpkinfest. This was to coincide with the Pumpkin Weigh-Off. It is now Anamosa’s largest community event.

More History Of The Pumpkin Capital

According to their website, The first Ryan Norlin GIANT Pumpkin Weigh-Off was held in Anamosa, Iowa on October 7, 1989 in a parking lot east of town.

The competition was started by Tom Norlin, uncle of Ryan, who wished to dedicate the weigh-off to his nephew who had lost his life in a boating accident that June. Tom had been growing big pumpkins for 30 years, and Ryan had enjoyed helping his uncle in the patch.

Fun fact, the largest pumpkin weighed in Anamosa was 2,034 lbs. It was grown in 2015 by John Barlow of Gays Mills, WI.

Pumpkinfest Is This Weekend

Pumpkinfest is the first Saturday of October meaning you can catch it this weekend, some events include:

  • Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off
  • Pumpkin Toss
  • Parade
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Pumpkinfest 5k
  • Pumpkin Roll

And so much more! Don't miss Pumpkinfest this weekend in the Pumpkin Capital of Iowa... Anamosa

You can learn more about Pumpkinfest here.

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