We have seen many different towns and cities in Wisconsin over the years thanks to our friends at Only In Your State. We've looked at dangerous spots, and beautiful spots, today we will be looking at the "creepest spot."

The town in question has a population of about 15,000, and to many, it is most known as the home of the University of Wisconsin. Though others know it for its creepiness.

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This story usually takes place back in 1889 when the Morris Pratt Institute was built. This institute taught spiritualism and allegedly had a room used to conduct séances. So needless to say... witches were the talk of the town. So what is the town?

The Creepy Town In Wisconsin 

Whitewater is a city located in Walworth and Jefferson counties in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The town is not only known as Whitewater but it is also been called the "Second Salem."

There are a few buildings seen as crappy, haunted, or cursed in this area. The library there is rumored to have a cursed book in the basement. One source went on to say,

The book is believed to be connected to the Witches of Whitewater and is said to be so dangerous that the library had to lock it away in the basement. The book in question is a large, antique hymnal written in Latin that was donated to the library after an area church closed its doors.

The creepy events don't stop at the buildings. the three cemeteries in the town make a perfect triangle. There are several stories linked to the graveyards. OIYS went on to say,

The instance in 1970, when the coffin of a little girl from one of the local cemeteries was mysteriously relocated to the nearby college campus.


The Self-Proclaimed Witch

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Finally, the local legend that has stayed with many is the story of Mary Worth. The spot she is buried is at Oak Grove Cemetery and that location is reportedly teeming with tales of hauntings.

It doesn't even stop there. You can learn more here. You can also learn more about the less creepy stuff and see the college here.

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