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Toilet Paper

Are you sick of driving to every city in the Quad Cities to find toilet paper and other essential items? Well that's probably a dumb question because the answer is most likely yes. There is website that can help you find those essential items before you leave your house for a crazy toilet paper scavenger hunt!

InStock.org helps you find products in stores based off of the item you search for and your zip code. The site tells you whether the item is in stock or not, what store and address the item is at, and the price.

There are a few inaccuracies with the site which is noted when you search. The inaccuracies include,

  1.  Items are in the back but not stocked yet
  2. Someone else recently bought the item and the inventory hasn't updated
  3. There was a manual error in scanning in the items.

InStock.org will also you tell you which stores are more accurate than others. Good luck on your toilet paper hunt!

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