Lists like these are never fun, but every year they come out. We do see some changes this year. The great state of Wisconsin does have some amazing and beautiful cities, but sadly some are considered incredibly dangerous.

Just because these cities are considered the "worst" by sources like Onlyinyourstate does not mean they are all bad. These cities all have great things as well. Today we will not be looking at those highlights, but rather the low points.

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Top Three Worst Cities

Multiple different sites like Localobserverdaily have slightly different lists. Places like Glendale Wisconsin would find themselves on all the lists in different spots just under the top three. You can learn more about the lists we used here.

3. Milwaukee, WI

The state’s largest city... so it makes sense why crime would be high. that high crime rate makes the statistics for this city's rank of "worst" rise. Onlyinyourstate went on to say,

The city has the highest rate of violent crime in the entire state. However, the city has improved from last year when it ranked as the state’s 2nd most dangerous city. It is still rated as one of the most dangerous cities in America.

2. Appleton, WI

This is the state’s sixth-largest city in Wisconsin. This city has a lot that makes it great, but sadly it is still seen as one of the most dangerous cities in the great went on to say,

Assault and theft remain significant problems. Unfortunately, 2019 saw a slight uptick in some crime types, particularly assaults and rapes. That occurred in contrast to declining state rates.

1. Beloit, WI

Beloit has a rather high rate of violent crimes, and in the past, it has been ranked as the worst place to live by places like USA Today. Currently, Beloit is still high on lists and number one on many. Thankfully Beloit has been getting better over the years, and could completely drop out of this negative list over the next few years.

Do you live in one of these cities? What do you think of it? Let us know on our app.

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