The TaxSlayer Center - formerly the iWireless Center and The Mark of The Quad Cities - has been the jewel of our community since it's opening just over 20 years ago. The arena has been home to championship teams and memorable concerts.The price of making new memories at the venue could be rising soon.

According to a local published report, TaxSlayer Center management is looking for a larger cut from ticket prices for events they host.

The venue currently receives a 3% cut of ticket sales for events, but they are looking to up that percentage to five from events that draw at least 8,000 people.

Manager Dave Mullen says the extra revenue, estimated at $160,000 is needed to help support local teams like the Steamwheelers and a replacement hockey team for the now defunct Mallards.

Moline City Council is the arbiter of whether the TaxSlayer Center gets a bigger piece of the ticket sales pie. They were presented with the plan yesterday and will discuss it at their next meeting.



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