One of the most rare celestial events will occur over the Quad Cities on Monday - a near total eclipse of the sun. While the event is exciting, it can also be dangerous.

You would never look directly at the sun for any length of time on any given day without damaging your eyesight, and the eclipse is no different. The same UV radiation that causes sunburn can cause damage to your retina that can render you blind with just the shortest gaze upward at the sun.

You could also damage the photo sensor in your smartphone or DSLR camera by trying to take a photo of the sun without a solar filter.

Despite warnings to the contrary, your pet should be fine. Fido is no more inclined to look at the sun today than any other day.

Children on the other hand will be very compelled and should be kept indoors if they do not have protective glasses. Rock Island schools will be keeping all students indoors during recess and lunch time today for safety.

The Putnam Museum and Family Museum are having special viewing activities and events today if you want the kids to experience the eclipse without the danger. Even if the clouds prevent us from seeing the eclipse in the Quad Cities, you can be sure the eclipse will be all over the television and internet too.

However you experience the eclipse, do it safely.


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